SQA services

We can allocate to the clients high skilled experts with long experience to improve the quality indicators, to all kind of activities.

The service procedure:

  1. The customer sends us an order in written form for handling of the complaint
  2. The Alap Europa Ltd. starts the reclamation management to the supplier in form of an 8D report.
  3. The Alap Europa Ltd starts the sorting action according to the order of the customer or supplier.
  4. In the process of the reclamation handling will be clarified the responsible organization to the costs.


  • A regular 8-D report with all information about the reclamation (or on other form predefined by the customer).
  • As corrective action is the sorting job to continuous supply to the customer’s production
  • As preventive action is the recommendation to improve to the agreement with the supplier.

The Alap Europa Ltd ensures the next data and resources:

  • To ensure an SQA engineer to the customer on workdays.
  • Office equipment (computer, mobile phone)
  • To ensure a sorting team to supply the production with conform parts, in a workday from the work order (If a special tool or equipment is necessary, it can need more time. In this case is the beginning later with this time.)
  • Daily report from the status of the selection to the Customer and to the Supplier.


The needed data and resources from the customer:

  • Determine the contact person inclusive his/her authority to order of work
  • Hand off the Supplier’s data.
  • Hand off the needed data to start the complaint process.
  • Office or desk for the SQA engineer’s activity.
  • Possibility to use the services of the measurement room or order of measurement jobs according to a special agreement
  • Possibility of Internet connection.
  • Possibility of fax connection.