Direct contacts to the suppliers, performing documentation and reports

A main potency of our company is the daily administration, reporting and documentation which are very time-consuming for the customer. We can communicate with the customer and with its suppliers in three languages English, German and Hungarian. We can report with aids of our professional software support to the administration.

We have an individual developed software system (APS) for administration; it can support the data computing in a closed system. This system makes the whole administration from data collecting to reports, performing invoices and the appendixes, delivery notes.

  • daily reports-direct and immediate cost control
  • 8 d/5W2H analysis
  • initial sample documentation
  • PPAP documentation
  • Control Plan
  • P-FMEA
  • Safe Design audit
  • Run at rate audit
  • R & R / MSA
  • LLC / Lesson Learn Card
  • 5S