Sorting, measurement, rework of own or supplier’s products

Quality problem or non-conformities can happen at any time. It can be cosmetic failure or functional defect, supplier process related, logistical damage or result of abrasion. The consequence is the same. The damage of the quality starts a chain reaction: conform products aren’t present in the waited time and place.

Wage labor, preassembly, soldering works

We perform a comprehensive wage labor and pre assembly precise in high quality, with well trained, experienced manpower. We can help to the customer to bridge the gap on missing capacity and assure sewing time and costs.

X-ray testing

X-ray material testing can give You a picture from inside, no damage, fast and accurate, from the hide manufacturing defects, damages, deviations, structural characteristics. So You can prevent the possible expensive reclamation costs.

CSL1, CSL2 (Controlled Shipping Level 1 and 2)

The inspection and control have to ensure the detection and separation of non-conform parts which are mixes by chance to the conform parts. The inspection happens after the official line end test according to a work- / inspection instruction and/or inspection plan. The inspection can be made at the supplier, in the plant of Alap Europa Ltd. or at the customer before receipts into the stock.

3D serial measurements

3D optical measurement service is based on the newest, high-tech GOM equipment. This technology enables a very high precision measurement of most complex geometry, also in manufacturing line conditions.